St. Mary’s Jacobite Syrian Sunday School – Sharjah, U.A.E
“Expect great things from God, attempt great things for God”
“Discipline your children, while they are young enough to learn,
if you don’t you are helping them to destroy themselves”.
(Proverbs 19:18)

“Train up a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not depart from it” Proverbs 22:6. These ‘Words of Wisdom’ from King Solomon serve as the guiding precept of

Our Sunday School commenced its functioning in the year 1981, with a limited number of students in one common class. From this humble beginning, it has now completed 35 years of commendable service in ‘Spiritual Empowerment’. Around 700 students are currently studying in our Sunday School from Grade KG1 to Grade XII, and 40 teachers are actively participating in the task of enlightening and fostering them, as true and faithful Christians.

The academic year of our Sunday School commences every January and classes are conducted every Friday after the Holy Qurbana from 10.45 a.m. to 12.30 p.m. Prior to classes, assemblies are conducted separately for kindergarten, juniors & intermediates and seniors, teaching them devotional songs, church hymns and prayers. The Sunday School follows the Malankara Jacobite Syrian Sunday School Association (MJSSA) curriculum and merit certificates issued by MJSSA are awarded to outgoing students of classes X and XII every year.

The Sunday School conducts several facilitating sessions on a regular basis, to empower its students to successfully face life’s various challenges.    

Students’ Retreat and Counselling session

A retreat for senior Sunday School students, to acclimatize themselves towards the challenge of School Board Examinations, is held every year in the month of February. Empowerment session, prayer and meditation etc. are conducted during the retreat, followed by provision of various learning tips by experienced teachers.

 A dedicated counselling session for Sunday School students is also conducted by the church during the month of October, every year.

The Jacobite Syrian Vacation Bible School (JSVBS)

The JSVBS has been conducted in our Sunday School on an annual basis, during the month of March, since the year 2009. The JSVBS, based on themes provided by MJSSA, is led by skilled priests and around 500 students and 60 teachers actively attend the JSVBS every year. On the JSVBS final day, a colourful rally and impressive cultural programmes are presented by students from various classes.     

Talent Fests

The Annual Sunday School Talent Fest is conducted in the month of May and competitions are held for various student groups for Church hymn, Christian devotional songs, Elocution, Bible test, Memory verse writing and Quiz.

Our Sunday School regularly participates in the Annual U.A.E. Inter-Sunday School Talent Fest and has now won the overall championship trophy for seven times in a row. Also, our students have regularly won the individual championships.

Examinations, Open House and Parent-Teacher Meeting

The Sunday School Half Yearly examinations and Open House are conducted in the month of June and the final examinations and Open House are conducted in the month of December every year. A Parent–Teacher Meeting is also held in the month of December, prior to the Open House.

Annual Day celebrations

The Annual Day celebration of our Sunday School is held during the month of December and students from various classes present several cultural programmes of grandeur on this day. Trophies and merit certificates are awarded to the winners of ‘Talent Fest’, as well as toppers in the examination and attendance.

The Sunday School teachers who have completed 10 years of meritorious service are also felicitated by the church on the Church Parish Day.

Mor Gregorios Jacobite Students’ Movement (MGJSM)

MGJSM, the students’ movement of Jacobite Syrian Christian Church, has been actively functioning in our Sunday School since 2010. Every Friday separate Sunday School Assemblies are conducted under the auspices of MGJSM and students portray their dynamic leadership qualities and ability to execute various innovative programmes by conducting skits, quizzes, group songs, reviews, debates etc. on a class-wise basis.

St. Mary’s Children’s Library

The Sunday School library, with a collection of more than 750 books, nourish the spiritual reading and learning needs of the students and functions every Friday after Sunday School classes.


Our Sunday School teachers regularly attend the Annual MJSSA-UAE General Body Meetings and actively participate in the teachers’ training and conference camps, held every year. Our students also participate in the Winter Camp, held annually at St. George’sJacobite Syrian Simhasana Cathedral, Al Ain in the month of December. 


2 Mr. ELIAS 056 6792323 XII&XII
3 Mr. ELIAS SYRIAC 050 6749005 XI & XII
4 Mrs  REENA PHILI 050 2341069 XA
5 Mrs  SUSAN MATHEW BENOY 050 8023129 XB
6 Mr. SAJI ABRAHAM 055 9938700 IXA
7 Mr. ABHILASH THOMAS 050 5308289 IXB
8 Mrs  SUBI REJI MATHEWS 050 3448549 VIIIA
9 Mrs  GEENA ELIYAS 050 9434678 VIIIB
10 Mr. STACY SAMUEL 050 2512323 VIIA
11 Mr. CHERIAN V JACOB 050 4816290 VIIB
12 Mrs  PRIYA ELIAS 050 3320428 VIA
13 Mrs  RINKU MARIAM THOMAS 050 5570056 VIB
14 Mrs. SONIA ABILASH  050 7546526 VIC
15 Mr. JIJI GEORGE VADAKKAN 050 4625680 VA
16 Mrs  LEENA SUNNY 050 7690958 VB
17 Mrs  JULIE SAJU 050 7476372 VC
18 Mr. BIJI CHANDY ABRAHAM 050 3320428 IV A
19 DN MONCEY MATHAI 052 5644720 IV B
20 Mrs  BINDU MATHEWS 050 8536789 IV C
21 Mrs  GEENA SHAJAN 052 8838900 III A
22 Mrs  LINI MARIAM THOMAS 050 7582330 III B
23 Mrs  RIMMY BENNY 052 7909125 III C
24 Mrs  ANIE PRADEEP 050 2937905 III D
25 Mrs  SUNITHA JOSEPH 050 5750851 IIA
26 Mrs  NEEMA JOY 050 8654520 IIB
27 Mrs  SIMI SHAIJU 050 8545821 IIC
28 Mrs  MOLVI SANTHOSH 055 8775514 IID
29 Mrs  DEEPA GEORGE 056 6529633 IA
30 Mrs  NINU JIJU THARAKAN 055 4240527 IB
31 Mrs  TUTTU JIJO 050 3982946 IC
32 Miss  RINI ELIZABETH JOSEPH 050 5744232 ID
34 Mrs  BINCY VINU 055 9695478 KG II B
35 Mrs  JIBI ELDHOSE 052 9265796 KGII C
36 Mrs  BIJI JACOB 055 4706764 KGII D
37 Mrs  SIMI ANIL 054 3879646 KGI A
38 Miss  MANISHA SUSAN MATHEW 050 2797805 KGI B
39 Mrs  MARTHA ANN STEPHEN 056 7476754 KGI C
40 Mrs  MEETHU LIJOY 055 1552146 KGI D
41 Mr. GEORGE C. A 050 5876908 SECRETARY